Visual Media 2024

Nature Squares by Seamus O'Keefe, Stonehill College

Seamus is a business student at Stonehill College studying Management. He seek to find beauty in the small, often unrecognized snapshots of natural life that bring me so much of that peace and purpose. 

Summer in Harlem, by Arsema Hindeya

Part of an ongoing series, trying to encapsulate feeling into images, specifically what it feels and looks like to experience Summer in Harlem. Film photography shot on a point-a-shoot camera.

The Crayfish by Liliana Enciso, Stonehill College

Liliana is a college student who loves sharing my dreams, experiences, and view of the world around her through art and music.

Screaming Whispers by Michelle Guthrie, Stonehill College

Michelle is a senior Psychology major at Stonehill. This piece was done with strictly watercolor and india ink.

Largest Tree in America by Sarah Hawks, Stonehill College

Sarah is  a sophomore English and Political Science double major.