Illicit Response

Author: Angelina Wright, Stonehill College

Just for a breath… 
A beat, 
The moon turns red as the cherry wine cheeks of the sun. 
You can smell the saccharine, just as when tigers used to smoke. 
And the moon was at her fingertips, 
The impermanence rooting itself in her bones. 
Listen to it, the silence of universal attention. 
They move as a string quartet; they blend like a finger painting. 
When it ends, he will be someone who goes to the store and buys fresh oranges. 
Responsible like a child, coughing near strangers with cigarettes. 
Here on this universal plane 
All we can see is totality. 
Heavenly bodies in alignment 
Then gone.  
The moon turns its eyes towards the sun. 
One body, one human body for a moment  
Then gone.